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019. Creation Con: A Salute to Supernatural Summary - The Grid; A Digital Frontier
The Grid Kitten Kaztiel

Date: 2009-03-31 00:16
Subject: 019. Creation Con: A Salute to Supernatural Summary
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Location:Happy place!
Music:Back in Black - AC/DC
Tags:convention, jared, misha, supernatural
Hello all you lovely people. ^^ I just had the best weekend ever! Went to Creation Con: A Salute to Supernatural in Los Angeles. Admission was my birthday present from my sister Nana. Casey came with me cause yeah we love the show and the boys. ^^ *Hugs her* I went Saturday and Sunday, but not Friday. I wanted to, but Nana only paid for two days and I couldn’t afford to get that one. I wanted Sunday because that’s when Jared and Jensen were going to be there and Saturday for Misha. At the end they ended up switching Misha to Sunday too, but that’s all right. I still got to see him.

Now when we bought our admission to the convention all of the Jared and Jensen stuff was sold out. Had been sold out for months. It bummed me out a little, but hey, at least we would get to see their panels. But about two weeks before the convention they put more photo ops for the boys up. And Casey and I squealed and got the Jared and Jensen one. So yeah, I was thrilled.

Casey got to my house around… 4:30-5ish on Friday. We hung out, grabbed food, got medicine because Casey wasn’t feeling 100%, then headed back to my place. Casey went to bed around ten because of the sudden cold she was getting. I stayed up until about 1 beta reading a story and printing out the photo op for Misha and the directions to the hotel. It’s the same hotel that Anime Los Angeles was at, which I staff and attend, but it’s been a while since I drove the route. After that Casey and I didn’t actually get much sleep, but for different reasons. She was sick and my brain wouldn’t turn off. Ah well.

On to the day by day breakdown! These are behind cuts because apparently even when I leave out a lot of details, since I’m sure somewhere out there is the vids for the panels, I ramble for a long time. Yes, this is rather lengthy. XD Sorry!

Casey and I arrive at the hotel and the parking attendant takes my money. But the best part, the guy’s name was Uriel. Casey and I were like: “Dude that’s just creepy in the best way.” We got our wristbands for Saturday and Sunday, yay, and pick up the photo op for our Jared and Jensen sandwich picture. I giggled like a little girl most the weekend and I really don’t giggle ever. So that is how ridiculously happy I was. And the convention itself, oh my God so different than the anime circuit, holy crap. It was laid back, there weren’t people everywhere, the merchandise room was so, so small. I mean it was just completely different. A culture shock to me.

The lineup for Saturday was Richard Speight Jr., Charles Malik Whitfield, and Samantha Smith.

Anyway, nothing started until 11:30, so we wandered into merch room to scope out what they had. Casey got a couple of 8x10s, one of Samantha and one of Misha as Castiel because she had gotten an autograph ticket for them, one of Dean in his gym teacher outfit from After School Special, because how can you not?

I looked, but didn’t get one. I had an agenda. We walked over to another table that had the official mugs and mini banners and the cards and the amulet. I wanted to get that and Dean’s ring, but no luck on the ring. So I get my amulet and in my bag it goes. ^^ Then we went to pick up something else at the registration table, I can’t remember what, maybe the autograph tickets, and I’m standing there and cave. I got myself a Misha autograph ticket because damnit, I love the man. So we turn around and go back into the merch room so I can go buy a picture of him as Castiel. I got a different one from Casey.

Then we sit in the room, as close as we could get with general admission. The convention starts and we watch a music video a fan made before Richard comes on for his panel. I knew that Richard would be a funny guy because he’s more of a comedic actor. He talked to us for a few minutes before opening it up to questions. Then he paused and said that before we even asked, no he hadn’t seen the show yet. We gave him a hard time and he was like “I know.” It was highly entertaining little bit of playful banter. The first question asked was from a girl who was going to ask it of all panelists. If you had a choice between two roles, one you’re completely naked in the scene, and the other you have to sing, which one do you take? Richard asked if he got to be a good singer. Then said he’d have to go with naked.

His neighbor of seven years was at the convention as well and he told us a story about her. I’m sure there’s video of it somewhere, so I won’t go into the details of what all was said because I can’t retell it as good as it happening. But it was funny. And he kept going back to being naked and singing from the first question, which cracked everyone up. He was really funny and really witty, which I enjoy a lot. After his panel ended there was a little bit of a lull. A few more videos were played and awards handed out.

Malik was running a little late so we got to watch some of the music videos from previous conventions. Most of them were really good. A couple were all right in my opinion, but definitely better than anything I could do, probably. When Malik got there and came on stage he looked nothing like he does on the show. Hat, on backwards, t-shirt, and jeans. I knew that Malik was a more entertaining person than his role as Hendrickson leads you to believe. What I hadn’t expected was to laugh harder at his panel than at Richard’s. He’s hysterical. The stories he told us, about not seeing his death coming on the show, his answer to the naked/singing question to which he said naked as well, and then about the toilet scene… I had tears I was laughing so hard. He even stood guard over the toilet to be sure Jared and Jensen couldn’t prank him.

He did go off on some tangents where he wasn’t as funny and took on a more serious approach, which I don’t mind until it starts to get a little long winded. But everyone does it. Then Malik’s panel ended.

They did a no minimum bid auction. A lot of mugs, and shirts, and autographed pictures of other shows/movies were auctioned off as well as these large banners they had of the guests at the convention. The ones they sold of guests appearing that day would get to go to the front of the line to get them signed. They sold a couple of Jared and Jensen with autograph tickets. And damn. I wish I had the kind of money those people were dropping.

Then we watched another music video, which was more like a movie trailer, but awesome just the same. After it ended Samantha Smith came out. She’s an incredibly adorable woman. She told us a little about her new baby, then opened it up for questions. She got the naked/singing one too and said she’d have to sing. It was so cute. A lot of the questions she got asked were actually more Kripke questions, to which he wouldn’t answer because he doesn’t tell us anything. I thought that was a little odd. Her panel seemed a lot shorter to me than Richard’s and Malik’s, even though it wasn’t. Casey and I watched one more video, which I think had the best musicality before it was time for the autograph session. It took a while because we had to get through all the gold/silver/preferred seating. Finally Casey got to get in line and I told her I would wait in the hall for her.

What I didn’t expect was to have the staff move the autograph session into the hall, right across from the couch I had sat myself down on. Jason Mann was there and was doing a concert and needed to start his sound check. So that’s why the autographs got moved. So while I waited, I got to be entertained by Richard and Samantha while they signed photos. Casey felt bad about not having anything for Richard but shook his hand and thanked him for coming. Then she got her picture signed and we were officially done for the night. At like… 8.

So we went home, grabbed food, took showers so we wouldn’t have to worry about it the next morning, since we were getting up at 7:30, and went to bed.

First thing right out of the gates on Sunday were the photo ops for Jared and Jensen. First Jensen solos, then the duos, then Jared solos. Casey and I wanted to get there early to be sure we wouldn’t be last. Well we weren’t. As it turns out, we were first after the VIP and handicap folks. And let me tell you, I was freaking out. I was smiling, then I was worrying, then I was shaking. Ugh, such a mess. Especially because we were going to be like the seventh people who saw the boys… of the duo line.

We waited a while, which only made my nerves worse, for all the Jensen people to finish up. Then it’s our turn and we walk down the hall and put our stuff on the table and I get out the drawings I’m going to give the boys. And then we get to the door and I see them. And totally freak out all over again. I even held onto Casey as we walked into the room.

A staff member in the hall said we could give our gifts, if any, to a girl in the white shirt. There was a girl near in the room with a white shirt so I asked her quietly if I was supposed to give her the stuff for the boys. She tells me only if I’m too nervous to give it to them myself. I said I was already a wreck so what did it matter? She giggled and told me to breathe. Then it’s our turn and I actually managed to give Jared and Jensen the fanart I had brought with me and talked. And my god… I was like the most nervous giddy kid in the world. But it was worth it.

After I handed the art to the boys, I was by Jared, he looked at the first one, which was Guardian, and asked, “Did you do these?” And I said yeah and then he smiled all wide and was like, “These are awesome! This is a talent I don’t have.” My god I nearly died. The Jensen looks over and says with a smile, “Did you know I have demon eyes?” He was looking at Rebirth, and I said yeah, that I drew before season 4. He then says, “Just wanted you to know” and smiles again. I nearly die again. Then Jared, who was looking at some of the other ones, says, “I’ve even got my coat.” Then they handed the art to the girl I had spoken to earlier and we snap the photo and then Casey and I are out.

It all lasted probably a minute and a half if that. And as we walk down the hall my hands are shaking and I’m giggling like an idiot, thankfully not in front of them. It was so nerve wracking, but they both genuinely liked the art I gave them. I was so happy.

Casey and I went and sat down against a wall a little while, then went into the merch room to see if there was anything we missed. Casey got some more things, but I didn’t. I only had $7 left. Then about noon they let people back into the ballroom to get seats for the boys’ panel. We ended up sitting off the right side, but both of us could still see for the most part. First one out was Jensen. And the girl asked him the naked/sing question. He, naturally, said sing. We all know you can sing Jensen. Jensen was in a fantastic mood and he was cracking us up and a few times we were like “aw” and at the end, the person asked or commented about something and he was saved from answering by Jared. He gave Jensen coffee then Jensen left the stage.

Jared was so funny. A baby started to cry and he thought it was a cat. We all said it was a baby and he asked where the baby was. Then he says “Hey baby.” And he couldn’t let it go. Randomly he’d stop his train of thought and just look back over and go “hey baby”. It was so cute.

After a while Jensen comes back out and the two of them raze one another a little bit. And probably the most random and most amusing question was aimed at Jared which was had he ever tried a pickle stuffed with fried rice. Jared laughed and asked were he could get one, Jensen just lost it. He’s laughing and looking down and at first I thought it was something Jensen had tried. But no, he was just laughing that hard. So after a while, and poor Jensen recovers, they go back to that a few times. Then a person cosplaying the suicidal teddy bear walks in and they lose it all over again.

It was so great. They even got a kick out of the fact they could raise their hand and we would all scream, then lower their hand and we’d stop. Apparently they had never done this before because Jared thought it was fantastic. And sadly their panel ends and they leave to sign autographs. Then there's literally nothing to do until Misha’s panel which was like two and a half hours later. Casey and I went back into the middle and brainstormed so many things to do for our role-play.

There was another auction for the rest of the banners, and Misha’s went for equal the boys so good job Misha! See we love you. After the auction Misha came out. We cheer for him and the flashes of cameras start a new. Dear lord poor Jared and Jensen, I bet there were seeing flash bulbs for hours afterward. He sits and says “wow…” We told him that’s what Jared and Jensen said and so he rephrased going “shit, wow.” Misha then waits for us to get quiet and tells us that, “This is my second one of these… and there are more of you here.” And we cheer for him again. He was so awesome and when he got asked the question he asks, “Can I do both?” So as you can imagine, the room goes up with cheers and squeals and he laughs. He then told us his godson was in the audience hiding somewhere. So when someone asked him about Nip/Tuck, before he answered he reminds us, “Again, my godson is here.”

He was so great. He’s a talker, loves to shoot off into stories, which was fantastic for me. He’s a really funny guy and that makes me sad when he plays Castiel that he doesn’t get to use that. And he did his Cas voice for us. It was really weird to hear him talk normally since I’m not used to it. Someone asked if he’d been pranked yet and he said no, that he didn’t know what was up with that, but then when he saw Jared and Jensen, Jared said it was because he was too frail although he actually said because he was to “gay”. XD

He talked about Castiel and how he thinks Castiel is really a pussy because he gets bitch slapped so much and then just crumples to the ground. I was laughing so hard. And he went on about it for five to ten minutes and it was so great. He really enjoys playing Castiel but he wishes he didn’t get beat up so much. XD

He got asked about 24, where he then mentioned “is this research for a slash fic?” And oh my god we all about died. He said he was fascinated by fandom and then mentioned how he and Jared and Jensen hang out naked in the trailers. I mean he was going off on everything and it was so great. He didn’t seem weirded out by us at all and he said that we were camera happy and that when he took the role he never expected “this” as he motioned to us and then mentioned the flashing cameras again.

After his panel ended it was time for his photo. Yay! I ended up taking one with Misha by myself. I was completely okay by that point in the day. He was so nice. I got my picture taken with him and didn’t freak out or anything. Then autographs, which I had now, yay! It took forever, like every other time. And we were almost last in line. But as he was signing my picture I told him, “I have something for you.” So he looks up half way through his signature and I give him the print of Castiel. He took it and said, “Wow… That’s amazing. Did you draw this?” I said yeah and he looked down and finished his signature, then smirked and said, “Sorry. I stopped half way. It might not be perfect now.” And I laughed and said it was okay and thanked him for coming.

That ended shortly before nine, and I felt bad because Misha had to fly back up with Jensen to finish one final scene for the season. Brutal. We only had our J2 sandwich picture to pick up and Casey to get her JPEG CD. The picture line moved so quickly that I hoped lines to get our picture while Casey waited in the other line. I got our photo and then after forever in a day, we got Casey’s CD.

We made a few friends and I even sold some prints. XD It was soooo much fun. I loved every minute of it. God the boys are all so nice. I only wish Jim would have been there. And Kripke. Eric was apparently going to come, but then they wrapped the season so he couldn’t. Gah! That would have been so awesome! Next year, next year.
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ATARi: 11. fangirls...?
User: kaz_tiel
Date: 2009-03-31 16:29 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Keyword:11. fangirls...?
It was so great. I wish everyone could have been there with me. I had so much fun and Jared and Jensen and Misha all made me so giddy and happy. I can't remember a time I felt that ridiculously happy for so long. Even through all the nerves. ^^
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ATARi: 10. we're really pretty...
User: kaz_tiel
Date: 2009-04-01 02:23 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Keyword:10. we're really pretty...
I was so glad that I managed to speak. That was my greatest fear. That I would get up there and be like a deer caught in headlights. So the fact that I talked is like "Woohoo! Celebrate!". I'm so giddy still. All I have to do is think about Sunday and I'm in the best mood ever. ^^ And thank you so much for being so happy. I love that. And I wish I could drag all my friends. If I was loaded I so would!
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(no subject) - (Anonymous)
User: kaz_tiel
Date: 2009-04-01 20:52 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
I didn't. Because I had general admission, my seats ended up being towards the back, though I could still see. And my digital camera sucks something fierce. Plus I knew there would a zillion other people taking closer pictures, on better cameras, who would be posting to LJ SPN communities.
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(no subject) - (Anonymous)
User: kaz_tiel
Date: 2009-04-02 04:50 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Yeah. Their photo policy specifically said you had to take the pictures from your seat. So if I get a spiffy digital camera before the next year, which is doubtful 'cause I'm poor, I'll take some next year.
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